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Keeping your heart healthy is important to us at Houston Northwest Medical Center. That’s why we offer informative classes and events, including heart-healthy screenings to increase awareness about heart health and what you and your family can do to reduce your risk of heart conditions.

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Upcoming Events

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Bariatric Campaign - HNW
• Bariatrics Surgery Seminars 
Bariatric surgery is a type of surgery to help you lose weight. It is an option for some people who are obese and have not been able to lose weight with other methods. Your doctor might discuss bariatric surgery with you if you are obese, or if you are overweight and have a medical problem such as diabetes. Diabetes and certain other health problems can get better with weight loss. 

Surgeons do bariatric surgery using a number of different methods. The type of bariatric surgery that works best for you will depend on several factors. These include your general health, your health needs, and your own preference. Thank you for your interest in joining us to learn more about your Bariatric Surgery options. 
CPR & Employee Education - HNW
• BLS/ACLS Check Off - 2017 

Diabetes - HNW
• Diabetes Group Support Meetings 
Please join us on the Third Thursday every month for our diabetes support group. Various topics are discussed so you may bring questions or concerns regarding the management of diabetes. Family members and friends are welcome to join and reservations are not required. If you have additional questions you can contact Teaching Lifestyles Changes Center at 281-440-2266. 

Time: 6pm - 7:30pm 
Location: Subway Sandwich shop within the hospital. 

2017 Dates: 
-February 16th: Laura Brimmer, Registered Dietitian will present Content and Quality in the Calories We Eat. 
-March 16th: Kayla Gower, Exercise Specialist 
-April 20th: Grocery Tour. 
-May 18th: Emily Banes, Registered Dietitian. 
-June 15th: Frieda Bendeck, RN . 
-July 20th: Frieda Bendeck, RN 
-August 17th: Marcine Kowpak, RN 
-September 21st: Emily Banes, Registered Dietitian 
-October 19th: Peggy Smith, Registered Dietitian 
-November 16th: Marcine Kowpak, RN 
-No meeting in December. 
Maternity Services - HNW
• Breastfeeding Class - 2017 
Breastfeeding class for expectant family. We want to give you the tools and knowledge for a successful and positive breastfeeding experience. You will be taught the benefit of breastfeeding, along with early feeding, latch on, feeding cues and positioning. Other topics such as maintaining good milk supply, breast pumping and storage of breast milk will be discussed if indicated. 
• OB Tours 
Please join us for a 45 minute guided tour of the nursery, and the labor, delivery & postpartum areas. 
• Prepared Childbirth and Infant Care 2 Week Series 
Prepared Childbirth: Learn factual information about childbirth and birthing techniques during this series. You will learn about relaxation, labor process, breathing exercises, physical conditions, the coach's role, and comfort techniques. We also include a tour of our OB Department. Please dress comfortably. 
Children are NOT permitted. Please make necessary arrangements for your child care during your class time. 

Infant Care: This portion of the class will cover a variety of topics including bath techniques, coping with infant sickness & crying.