Supporting Your Loved One

The road to a patient’s recovery starts with you. An obvious way to show how much you care is to visit a friend or family member at Houston Northwest Medical Center. But there are also other ways to help support a loved one during a hospital stay. How can you help?

Supporting a Patient

One way to begin helping is by learning more about your loved one’s condition and treatment options so you can help provide the right kind of care.

Other ways to provide both compassionate and practical support:

  • Work with a loved one to create a checklist for what they will need at the hospital. Offer to pack it for them.
  • If you’re driving the patient to the hospital, plan your route beforehand. That will help you arrive on time.
  • Decorate the hospital room with small personal items from home, such as children’s drawings and photos.
  • Learn the names of medical staff members and communicate often with them.
  • Together, prepare a list of approved visitors so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about that during the hospital stay.
  • Make a checklist of tasks that need to be done after the hospital stay:
    • Fill any post-surgery prescriptions
    • Keep track of medications and when to take them
    • Stock the house with healthy foods and beverages
  • Decide who will manage tasks once the patient is ready to leave:
    • Who will drive the patient home?
    • Who will take care of children or pets?
    • Who will prepare meals, clean the house or do laundry?

These are simple ways to help that will also put the patient at ease before, during and after their hospital stay.