Volunteering at Houston Northwest Medical Center

Houston Northwest is fortunate to enjoy the many services provided by its active volunteer programs, including the Auxiliary Volunteer Program, Volunteer Program and the Junior Volunteer Program. Our volunteers are a special group of people who perform many services throughout the hospital assisting a number of departments with a variety of tasks. These tasks may include greeting patients and assisting callers at the hospital welcome desk, helping visitors navigate their way through the hospital to visit family and friends or to complete lab work, imaging exams, etc., helping nursing units by escorting patients out after discharge and manning the surgical waiting areas and recovery areas to keep family members up to date on the progress of their loved ones. We strive to serve our patients, their family and friends and our community to the best of our ability and to provide further education by way of scholarship for students pursuing a career in the field of medicine in order to continue providing excellent patient care for the future. 

Our Volunteer Programs

The Auxiliary is comprised of just over 100 individuals, the Volunteer group includes college aged students, stay at home mothers, etc. and the Junior Volunteer Program is a special group of high school students. Each part of the program gives individuals an opportunity to learn more about the hospital environment and medical/health science occupations that they may wish to pursue or are currently pursuing or simply to offer an outlet to serve the community in general. 

Special Community Programs & Projects

A few of the ways that our volunteers make such an impact on the community are the Auxiliary Scholarship Program, the Breast Surgery and Heart Surgery Pillow Project, the Christmas Stocking Project, multiple food and toy drives for families in need and donating to a variety of charitable organizations in the surrounding areas. Each stocking and pillow are hand made by an Auxiliary member, which make the gifts extremely special and a one of a kind gift for our patients they provide a certain amount of comfort   for patients having undergone heart or breast surgery simply by hugging the pillow to the chest. The scholarship program is funded by generous donations from Auxiliary Volunteer organization, which donates 100% of their profits. 

Make a Difference & Join Us

In order to continue this amazing service to the community we are seeking compassionate, dedicated people with a true desire to serve the community and form a lasting partnership with Houston Northwest Medical Center. If you would like to be a part of the Auxiliary program or the Volunteer Program you must complete an application and a background check. The Junior Volunteer Program Applicants are required to do the same with the exception of a background check. Qualifying applicants will be contacted for a meeting and an interview will be conducted at the discretion of the volunteer leader(s). Each potential volunteer will be provided with additional information about the program upon interviewing. Mandatory health screening and hospital orientation must also be completed prior to serving as a hospital volunteer. Further instruction will be given depending on which program you are entering. So don't delay! Join us and be a part of something special, something that will make the difference in a person's life, a team of devoted hospital staff who has been providing exceptional patient care for over 40 years.

To download an application please click on the program in which you are interested:

        Auxiliary Volunteer Application       

        Volunteer Application 

        Junior Volunteer Application

If you have any questions, please email or call us at:  

Hughetta Leavell
(281) 440- 2435