Learn How Houston Northwest Medical Center Grew into a Premiere Facility

For over 45 years, Houston Northwest Medical Center has been providing quality health care to our north Houston community. We’re proud to carry on this proud tradition and always work to expand our opportunities to serve your health care needs.

How We Began

The origins of Houston Northwest began in 1971, when a group of doctors purchased 60 acres off a two-lane, farm-to-market throughway called “Jackrabbit Road” in northwest Harris County. At the time, this area was nothing more than a cow pasture.

But those founding doctors were convinced the area held great potential for growth, and realized there were no medical facilities available for the community nearby. They saw an opportunity to provide the growing area with quality health care that could help meet the needs of the community.

In 1973, Houston Northwest Medical Center officially opened.

Growing with Our Community

From just a handful of doctors, to a medical staff of approximately 600 members, Houston Northwest has grown over the past 45 years along with the north Houston community. We now offer comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic imaging services that give north Houston residents all of the health care services their family needs — close to home.

Learn More

Find out more about what makes Houston Northwest Medical Center a great place to receive care by exploring our website, or by calling us at (​855) 997-7246.