HNMC laparoscopic surgeon performs less invasive percutaneous surgical procedure, reducing trauma, scarring, and recovery times for patients

HOUSTON, December xx, 2016 – Houston Northwest Medical Center (HNMC) announced today that Dr. Philip Leggett, its Chairman of the Board and a nationally recognized laparoscopic surgeon, has performed one of the first weight loss surgeries in Texas using advanced percutaneous laparoscopic instrumentation by Teleflex

Dr. Leggett recently used the new, second-generation 2.9 mm Percuvance® Percutaneous Surgical System (Percuvance) to perform less invasive laparoscopic procedures with increased versatility, smaller incisions, and reduced trauma and scarring. 

“After my surgery, I experienced no pain at all from what looked like four small needle pokes, and I was on my feet and walking around the hospital ward just hours after my surgery,” said Houston patient Monica Robinson after Dr. Leggett used Percuvance to perform her sleeve gastrectomy.  “I was back home the next morning.  When I visited Dr. Leggett for my two-week post-surgery visit, I was feeling great and could hardly find the incision marks.”

Dr. Leggett has pioneered the innovation and adoption of advanced laparoscopic technologies and techniques throughout his 32 years at HNMC, where he is director of the Laparoendoscopic Fellowship. 

Teleflex invited Dr. Leggett to join a select group of surgeons participating in an inaugural series of procedures using the new, second-generation Percuvance surgical system.  These were conducted over recent months at leading health institutions including New York, Florida, and California in addition to HNMC in Texas. Teleflex is a leading global provider of medical technologies for critical care and surgery.

“The new Percuvance Percutaneous system enables surgeons to make smaller incisions than possible with previous technologies while still using standard surgical techniques,” said Dr. Leggett.  “Because Percuvance requires such small incisions, my patients have  experienced less discomfort, enjoyed better cosmetic results, and returned to action faster.  For both surgeons and patients, this new technology is a gift.”

Houston Northwest Medical Center offers a variety of minimally invasive, state-of-the-art weight-loss surgeries, including adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass, ReShape TM gastric balloon, revision bariatric, and sleeve gastrectomy procedures.  If the scale has controlled your life long enough, consider a solution that could change your life: Well Beginnings, a weight loss surgery program at Houston Northwest Medical Center.  Please visit to learn more.


Houston Northwest Medical Center is located at 710 Cypress Creek Parkway in Houston.  The hospital has been serving the north Houston community for more than 40 years, providing a wide range of medical services that includes cardiology, maternity care, neonatal intensive unity, pediatrics, bariatric and neurology.  To learn more about the programs and upcoming events at Houston Northwest Medical Center, visit


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